Mesh Weld Bonding


Through pressure, heat and a plastic edging, the process of mesh weld bonding has removed the need for epoxy bonds, commonly seen on traditional SMT stencil frames. This technique, patented by BlueRing Stencils, has been utilized on thousands of stencils in this industry without a single recorded de-bond failure. 

Unlike epoxy bonding, often seen on traditional SMT stencils, mesh weld bonding creates a connection that withstands the most aggressive cleaning solutions in the SMT industry. Whether the solution is high-temperature, ultra-sonic, or harsh chemistry, the bond is sure to remain unaffected. Since its creation, Mesh Weld has become the standard for mesh-to-foil bonding. Utilizing this process ensures that you will never have to worry about the costly setbacks caused by unexpected stencil failures. 

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