Apshen, a frameless quick mount stencil, has an effective, simple design and is capable of meeting all your needs. With a very reliable tension system, they are quick and easy to attach and form a sturdy connection which will survive the life of the stencil. To prevent interference with printing, the stencil’s inner edge of the cap is beveled to a thin edge. Contact us today to take advantage of this unique technology.

  • Advantages

    Space saving
    Reduced cost from traditional frames
    More sturdy/rigid than the VectorGuard foil

  • Stencil Sizes

    584×584 (23×23)
    584×736 (23×29)
    736×736 (29×29)

  • Specifications

    Base Mold-
    CP Pryme® Nylon
    Will NOT be corroded or degraded by cleaning solvents
    Aluminum 6061
    Anodized Blue and/or Green for lead free applications